Our every two year fishing trip to alaska at the Newhalen Lodge. Much better this year because i knew what to expect! Gary's beautifully colored rainbow trout. catch and release!
"Old Diver" came up 4 different times trying to get our salmon. Guides had to scare him off. Wish I could show all the pics. If i was lesley or renea i would know how to do that!

Gary and a salmon that is turning red and going to die soon . beautiful colors. salmon have a very short and interesting life. if anyone is interested i will post about it. look at the beautiful mountains behind gary.
beautiful view early in the am at the upper tamaric river.

me and Ian, he and ben are my fav guides. with a 30inch rainbow...
and yes i caught that big fish!
Such a great trip. Had so much fun with Nikki and Bill Wilson who turned us to to this and the lodge. Great time. Hard trip but the closest i can get to survivor! ahahhaha

We just had the best trip to Kiawah Island, SC with some great friends of ours from here and the Dallas area. It's the prettiest place! and there is a beach...i'm all about the beach! The big trees and moss are so very different from Midland, Tx! Each year we go on a trip (must have golf spas, and shopping and wait... relaxation if none of the above!) Next year is the choice of Missy and Kenny..Special times

the girls, kathy, dena, me, missy at Kiawah Island in S Carolina!

1st night group pic! great trip...gary and i just need to coordinate our "go out colors" better next time! we don't have to match but just be in the same color scheme...he thinks im crazy but im not!!! gorgeous sunset.

Me and Gary!

The guys on the beach first night when we arrived. Hubby Gary, Jim Harrison, Kenny Thomason and Greg Gray. I love these trips!

Missy and Kenny Thomason from South Lake. So cute! Look behind them and there was a tightly mown huge lawn and both Friday night and Saturday night there were weddings! so cool!

Kathy and Jim Harrison. They live in Midland too. It was their year to chose the destination and they did a great job! Loved it guys!
Dena and Greg on the balconey! Oh by the way i did catch fish but Dena has those on her camera! our guide was fun...25 years old and an eagle scout...Avid Angler..if you need additional information...let me know and i will send it to you.

My friend Dena and Mike the angler with a bonnet head shark....We had fun shark fishing but got in trouble for being late to dinner!
We went to this little inlet, wish i knew what it was called, but several little restaurants and bars with the dolphins swimming everywhere!
So much fun! love summer and trips.
After fishing for shark we went to an area that had some little bars and the dolphin were everywhere! Here is my hubby, Gary. He has taken me on some amazing trips and I am so lucky to have him....of course, he is very lucky to have me too!

this is a view of part of the resort from out balconey. We stayed at The Sanctuary. The people there were so nice! and not fake either. i left two drawers of clothes there and called after I got home the next morning and they found them and are shipping them to me! thank you The Sanctuary!

a view of the pool and beach from our balcony...the thing in the middle of the pool is a hot tub.

going down the 2 lane road to the island, trees over the road with moss!

i havent blogged since Renea left town and moved to Cleburne. I'm picking it back up.. renea had a big one birthday (50)heeheehee.. she came to town and lesley and she and i had a slumber party!. we had fun. this was the very beginning of the night. les forgot a coverup and i loaned her my spectacular body shirt! renea of course was very prepared! hee hee

Having fun in the pool...notice les's hair is all wet.. she's been divin and renea is dry headed! go figure!!!!!!lol you know what im talkin about!

we tried to surprise her and act like we didnt know it was her b-day..yeah right! long story but the balloons are bigger than her...so somethin worked out! she was surprised with the little party les and i gave her!

I gave her a cutey little maxi - kinda collaged- with sexy splits up the side...reminded me of her cuz of the bright colors and collage effects! hope she will enjoy!!!!

friends at the pool....too hot!
oh we had so much fun...............we need to do this at least twice a year!
oh yeah she is the queen! but where is the crown....whoops at the bottom of the pool! i'll get it for you girl...les come help me! i can't dive all the way down there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whose foot is that anyway???????????

how did this pic get on my camera....im in the pic and i take the pics....very mysterious

ok its 3 in the morning...what the hell! turn off the lights and go to sleep!!!

good night moon good night stars
uh she's done les! hee hee

Great time and so much fun with my friends. so............when are we gonna do it again! love you girls, lisa

Today was a bittersweet day for me. My best friends, Renea and Lesley and I had lunch together exchanging valentines. This was Renea's last day to live and work in Midland. We had so much fun! HospiceMidland had a little party for her this morning. I finally figured out that she didn't want to go around and tell everyone goodbye because she probably would break down and cry! I have been in denial until today and then it all hit me. We laughed, remembered, exchanged valentines and had a blast!!!!

I had a brainstorm on Wednesday after we had gone out to lunch (renea, les, lisa, ree (reneas mom). It took a while like at 4:30 in the afternoon but......i wanted to take a picture we had taken at lunch and make each of them a pillow for valentines and going away. well, you know Renea is the queen and Lesley is the Funky Art Queen! So i spent some time in the fabric store and worked fast and furiously but I did finish them. I made them pillows with our pictures on them. Reneas was made specifically for her and Lesleys was made specifically for her. You can see the jewels on their crowns. The round things above Renea's are typewriter keys that spell QUEEN because we all know that she is!!!! Lesley's has Funky Art Queen embossed on her body! actually her jacket. these were so much fun to make. i had a blast! and i hope they loved them. i think they did.
the back of renea's pillow. i tucked in a vintage valentine i ordered on Etsy.

This is the back of lesley's. i love the little birds on both fabrics. this one makes me think of the counting crows song "birds on a wire". i'm gonna have to make some more of these. i had to copy renea's pockets because i had to do them so fast i couldn't come up with something else on my own! i will miss my friend's physical presence but we will still talk every day. post pictures, phone each other, blog so we can keep up with faces, e-mail, and then there is always going to visit,,,,,have i left anything out? love you girl. you will be great in Cleburne. lots of people to meet and you have no problem with that! remember if you don't want to work and still want to meet people you can VOLUNTEER! i just thought of that! love you and already miss ya.

8:15 PM

I had one of the most wonderful anniversaries to date! Gary and I celebrated our 4th anniversary yesterday. I arrived home from work and I had a bouquet of flowers, one rose and a variety of flowers. He told me we had reservations at Venezias - a great restaurant here with wonderful ambiance! We had a great bottle of wine and dressed up! Arrived at Venezias and there was a table prepared for us with a dozen red roses placed on the table. We had a wonderful meal, went home and another little glass of wine and ............................ tmi. He is such a romantic and it was the best ever! it was funny because i wrote on his card that he is the sweetist, kindest man i have ever known. and it is the truth! (my brother watch out) everyone have a very romantic ,.,,,,,, valentines day! lisa

8:18 PM

My friend Funky Art Queen posted some items on the Etsy Treasury http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=36003 today. Please go see! Cute valentines! good job les!

6:15 PM

I received an email from http://funkyfinds.us/ and they are putting together an art show in Fort Worth on April 25, 2009. Booths are reasonably priced and Pocket Full of Prettys, Funky Art Queen and me (MAJestic designs) signed up. I've gotta get really busy making wine bottles and jewelry! It will be mine and Pocket's 1st show! Lots to do between now and then but really looking forward to it. I can't wait to meet other vendors and see how our stuff does! Click on the flashing bunny and go check it out. Come by and say hi!