Today was a bittersweet day for me. My best friends, Renea and Lesley and I had lunch together exchanging valentines. This was Renea's last day to live and work in Midland. We had so much fun! HospiceMidland had a little party for her this morning. I finally figured out that she didn't want to go around and tell everyone goodbye because she probably would break down and cry! I have been in denial until today and then it all hit me. We laughed, remembered, exchanged valentines and had a blast!!!!

I had a brainstorm on Wednesday after we had gone out to lunch (renea, les, lisa, ree (reneas mom). It took a while like at 4:30 in the afternoon but......i wanted to take a picture we had taken at lunch and make each of them a pillow for valentines and going away. well, you know Renea is the queen and Lesley is the Funky Art Queen! So i spent some time in the fabric store and worked fast and furiously but I did finish them. I made them pillows with our pictures on them. Reneas was made specifically for her and Lesleys was made specifically for her. You can see the jewels on their crowns. The round things above Renea's are typewriter keys that spell QUEEN because we all know that she is!!!! Lesley's has Funky Art Queen embossed on her body! actually her jacket. these were so much fun to make. i had a blast! and i hope they loved them. i think they did.
the back of renea's pillow. i tucked in a vintage valentine i ordered on Etsy.

This is the back of lesley's. i love the little birds on both fabrics. this one makes me think of the counting crows song "birds on a wire". i'm gonna have to make some more of these. i had to copy renea's pockets because i had to do them so fast i couldn't come up with something else on my own! i will miss my friend's physical presence but we will still talk every day. post pictures, phone each other, blog so we can keep up with faces, e-mail, and then there is always going to visit,,,,,have i left anything out? love you girl. you will be great in Cleburne. lots of people to meet and you have no problem with that! remember if you don't want to work and still want to meet people you can VOLUNTEER! i just thought of that! love you and already miss ya.

4 Responses to "I miss my friend already!"

  1. Funky Art Queen Says:

    Oh you did so good on those pillows. Mine is already in its place of honor in the "pretty room" on the bed. The pics are great and I think we look hot! Can't wait to see the one with all three of us, that must have been on Reneas camera. Love this post. Love you Love Renea. HUGS

  2. Pocket Full of Prettys Says:

    Oh Lisa, you are so sweet. I LOVE my pillow. It is adorable. I have it in the RV sitting on the back of the couch. But it will have a place of honor when I get to move in our house. I love the photo of the 3 of us on the pillow, it will always be close by. I already miss you too. Looking forward to April 25th for yalls visit. The photos you posted of us in front of Olive Garden are reallly cute. Get busy & work hard for the fundy finds art show. Love ya sweety girl, Renea

  3. Funky Art Queen Says:

    r u ever going to blog again?

  4. Amber Says:

    the pillows are absolutely lovely...

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