i havent blogged since Renea left town and moved to Cleburne. I'm picking it back up.. renea had a big one birthday (50)heeheehee.. she came to town and lesley and she and i had a slumber party!. we had fun. this was the very beginning of the night. les forgot a coverup and i loaned her my spectacular body shirt! renea of course was very prepared! hee hee

Having fun in the pool...notice les's hair is all wet.. she's been divin and renea is dry headed! go figure!!!!!!lol you know what im talkin about!

we tried to surprise her and act like we didnt know it was her b-day..yeah right! long story but the balloons are bigger than her...so somethin worked out! she was surprised with the little party les and i gave her!

I gave her a cutey little maxi - kinda collaged- with sexy splits up the side...reminded me of her cuz of the bright colors and collage effects! hope she will enjoy!!!!

friends at the pool....too hot!
oh we had so much fun...............we need to do this at least twice a year!
oh yeah she is the queen! but where is the crown....whoops at the bottom of the pool! i'll get it for you girl...les come help me! i can't dive all the way down there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whose foot is that anyway???????????

how did this pic get on my camera....im in the pic and i take the pics....very mysterious

ok its 3 in the morning...what the hell! turn off the lights and go to sleep!!!

good night moon good night stars
uh she's done les! hee hee

Great time and so much fun with my friends. so............when are we gonna do it again! love you girls, lisa

3 Responses to "how long has it been"

  1. Funky Art Queen Says:

    OMG you gotta take that one of me in bed off, I look awful! This was so much fun girl! Thanks for having us. Well in about 5 years we can celebrate my 50th and I do expect a slumber party!

  2. Pocket Full of Prettys Says:

    I'm screaming here! Love this blog post! I had sooooo much fun. Love you two so much! And yes we will give Les a party for her 50th! Thank you so much for letting us have a party at your house, tell Gary thanks too. You mean so much to me! Love ya! Renea

  3. Lisa Says:

    you got it les!

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