We just had the best trip to Kiawah Island, SC with some great friends of ours from here and the Dallas area. It's the prettiest place! and there is a beach...i'm all about the beach! The big trees and moss are so very different from Midland, Tx! Each year we go on a trip (must have golf spas, and shopping and wait... relaxation if none of the above!) Next year is the choice of Missy and Kenny..Special times

the girls, kathy, dena, me, missy at Kiawah Island in S Carolina!

1st night group pic! great trip...gary and i just need to coordinate our "go out colors" better next time! we don't have to match but just be in the same color scheme...he thinks im crazy but im not!!! gorgeous sunset.

Me and Gary!

The guys on the beach first night when we arrived. Hubby Gary, Jim Harrison, Kenny Thomason and Greg Gray. I love these trips!

Missy and Kenny Thomason from South Lake. So cute! Look behind them and there was a tightly mown huge lawn and both Friday night and Saturday night there were weddings! so cool!

Kathy and Jim Harrison. They live in Midland too. It was their year to chose the destination and they did a great job! Loved it guys!
Dena and Greg on the balconey! Oh by the way i did catch fish but Dena has those on her camera! our guide was fun...25 years old and an eagle scout...Avid Angler..if you need additional information...let me know and i will send it to you.

My friend Dena and Mike the angler with a bonnet head shark....We had fun shark fishing but got in trouble for being late to dinner!
We went to this little inlet, wish i knew what it was called, but several little restaurants and bars with the dolphins swimming everywhere!
So much fun! love summer and trips.
After fishing for shark we went to an area that had some little bars and the dolphin were everywhere! Here is my hubby, Gary. He has taken me on some amazing trips and I am so lucky to have him....of course, he is very lucky to have me too!

this is a view of part of the resort from out balconey. We stayed at The Sanctuary. The people there were so nice! and not fake either. i left two drawers of clothes there and called after I got home the next morning and they found them and are shipping them to me! thank you The Sanctuary!

a view of the pool and beach from our balcony...the thing in the middle of the pool is a hot tub.

going down the 2 lane road to the island, trees over the road with moss!

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  1. Funky Art Queen Says:

    omg you do get to go on some awesome trips. Gary is lucky to have you and you him. Fun Stuff! Life is good. I'm so glad I got to see you today! xoxo (in ARIL FONT) LOL

  2. Lisa Says:

    i am blessed truly! i'm so glad to see you today...i have a hair appt monday at lunch so let's get it together for the rest of the week! love that arial font! and you too!

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