Our every two year fishing trip to alaska at the Newhalen Lodge. Much better this year because i knew what to expect! Gary's beautifully colored rainbow trout. catch and release!
"Old Diver" came up 4 different times trying to get our salmon. Guides had to scare him off. Wish I could show all the pics. If i was lesley or renea i would know how to do that!

Gary and a salmon that is turning red and going to die soon . beautiful colors. salmon have a very short and interesting life. if anyone is interested i will post about it. look at the beautiful mountains behind gary.
beautiful view early in the am at the upper tamaric river.

me and Ian, he and ben are my fav guides. with a 30inch rainbow...
and yes i caught that big fish!
Such a great trip. Had so much fun with Nikki and Bill Wilson who turned us to to this and the lodge. Great time. Hard trip but the closest i can get to survivor! ahahhaha

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  1. Funky Art Queen Says:

    Omg i did not know you had blogged this. Beautiful pics, oh the scenery!

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