President Bush came home to Midland, Texas today following the inauguration ceremony in Washington. Approximately 30,000 people supported him as he returned to his hometown. Centennial square was blocked off and people were able to enter at 1:00, gates were locked at 4:00 and President Bush arrived at approximately 5:15. The Gatlin Brothers, Lee Greenwood and Rodney Atkins performed county western songs and songs about America along with other local performances from church choirs, showing of the colors from the Border Patrol, etc. It was a very moving ceremony for me.

The airport is approximately 20 minutes from downtown. The moderator told the crowd that President Bush wanted to fly over downtown to see the crowd from the air before arriving by ground. So, we were watching for him and I got this shot.

The arrival of President and Mrs. Bush! Red, white and blue W's were handed out to the crowd. Many of his lifetime friends, Governor Perry and his wife, and so many others had seats behind the stage. These were the great tickets!
This is the best picture I had of them. It was truly a grand event. He was very positive about the direction of our nation, Barrack Obama and he simply said, he did what' he thought was right. That's really all you can do.

There was alot of security - SWAT teams, policemen on horseback, 4 wheelers, on rooftops. We jaywalked and were reprimanded by a policeman and rightly so. Sometimes my husband thinks rules don't apply to him!

It truly is an historical day for America. OUR President has been chosen and as Americans I feel we need to get behind him and support him. OOOOOOh. You aren't suppose to discuss politics or religion - right?

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  1. Funky Art Queen Says:

    Ohh lisa, I'm so glad you and Gary were brave enough to go to this historical event so that you could record this for us. We saw some of it on tv. You got some awesome shots. Bravo to you girlfriend.1

  2. Pocket Full of Prettys Says:

    Great photos, glad yall got to go. I know you truly enjoyed it. I sent Corey the link to your blog so that he could see the photos, he said that Midland was on TV yesterday in Korea. He said it was neat seeing Midland. Love ya, see you later, Renea

  3. Ronnie Says:

    This was great to see. Not much coverage on tv of this part of that day. Thanks!
    And thanks for stopping by my tacky little etsy shop! :)))

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