Oh Christmas is over and we have welcomed in the New Year! If only someone would come in the middle of the night and take down all the decorations! It has been a whirlwind December. Gary and I went to New York City for a week and had a great time! I about walked him silly the first day and we had to slow down a little after that. I have a funny feeling that next time I go, it will be with friends or family other than him! When I got home on the 13th I realized I had only one weekend to complete my shopping! I did get it all bought but failed to arrive at my mom and dads with all the presents. I left my brothers, one of Garys and part of my dads at home! Oh well. We had a great time. I have pictures of actual Christmas at mom and dads on my new camera and I can't get them to pull up on my computer. Imagine that! Maybe I will post later. My oldest daughter and her kids, Seathan and Hannah drove down from Austin to my house on Tuesday and spent the night. We had so much fun. They got in my bathtub and we turned on the jets and added way too much bubble bath. They were so cute! Then Christmas Eve afternoon we all drove to San Angelo for Christmas with my parents and everyone else! And as you know, with good friends you also experience all they go through - from a distance - Les and her family Christmas in Biloxi with Cody and Renea and the birth of her first grandaughter Kennedy! I made wine bottles today. There was only one left at the Wine Rack and I needed to restock them. I was very negligent in my jewelry and wine bottles this Christmas. So many other things going on that I just really didn't get to it. But I'm back now. If someone would take down my Christmas decorations I would have alot more time to do the fun stuff!

Hannah and Seathan at the beginning of the bubble bath. Hannah and Seathan after another addition of bubble bath!

Me at the Marriott Marquis on Time Square in New York. We went to see the Rockettes, August: Osage County, All My Sons with Katie Holmes, John Lithgow, Patrick Wilson and Ms. Wiest (can't remember her first name) and In the Heights (a great musical). Gary even liked it!

This was so pretty. It was the courtyard of the old Bellvue Hospital.

Gary and Rupert at Hello Deli! Topic of conversation was the Texas Tech Red Raiders! Everywhere we went, except at night, Gary wore red raider attire!

My handsome husband at Time Square in his long overcoat that he never gets to wear in Midland!

Oh...on the 8th of Dec we went to Central Park to see what was going on with the John Lennon memorial Imagine. I was interviewed by a news station there. My brother, my crazy brother with too much time on his hands, created a spoof of my interview. You can view it at http://goanimate.com/go/movie/0GFBGyyU2ICU?utm_source=emailshare&refuser=0Si-AYJF5PE0. It is really funny. Remember, I am from West Texas!

3 Responses to "Been away for so long"

  1. Debbie Says:

    Great photos. Love the bubble bath! What fun.

  2. Funky Art Queen Says:

    I'm so glad you finally blogged so your brother can have something else to bug the sh%$ out of you with. Heehee
    I love that you all met rupert.

  3. Pocket Full of Prettys Says:

    WOW! I like your new background. Looks pretty! Love ya, Renea

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