Oh do we need the rain! We had 1.9 inches yesterday and we live "in the desert". It is totally amazing how much difference a little rain makes. Everything is so green and beautiful. Gary's garden is hugeeeeeee! Plan to post pictures soon! (this is 1) We have a new turtle....can't find her but sure she is here somewhere. (this is picture 2) we have so many tomatoes that "Tiny" turtle will not even eat them if we give them to her. but she does love peaches...and of course we always want what we don't have! (promised picture 3 and 4).

I'm doing so many things...wine bottles (sold 9 at a local wine shop, 1 sold for a giveaway, 3 given away), apron (1 made, not listed, not sold - imagine that! picture 5), several pieces of jewelry (5 bracelets sold locally-original now on Etsy, 2 necklaces sold on Etsy), 6 baby burp pads (to be listed very very soon - picture 6-12) and funky hats for young and old (material and pattern purchased today but coming this weekend!- picture 13&14). ooo i owe lots of pictures!

My friend Renea is having a 100th post doodah so go to her site http://www.pocketfullofprettys.blogspot.com/-its gonna be good! so go see!

My friend Lesley aka http://www.funkyartqueen.blogspot.com/ was digging around for geo cache treasures with her husband and found a diamond back rattle snake! she's ok but a little wobbly! especially after she fell over the wooden box she left in the middle of her kitchen floor last night and fell over. Really hurt her and i am so sorry she hurt but she would have felt worse if it was her daughter Heather or her husband Craig. Oh Craig,,,love the frog!!!! thanks.

i mourn the end of summer...it is my season - but we must go forward and here in West Texas there really isn't all that much change, but at any given time watch out!

love yall all Lisa

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  1. Pocket Full of Prettys Says:

    Where are all the photos that were promised? HeeHee! Guess what? I have been asked to join a team on etsy, I am so excited, not sure what I do yet, but just that I got asked is so cool. And I had another etsy purchase while I was gone, someone bought one of my keepsake boxes. So excited! Love ya, Renea

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