Last weekend we had our family reunion at Brownwood Lake. This was the 20th year that we have met there. Had lots of fun and good food. This year we had a talent show. When my girls were little we had talent shows at the family reunion and it went by the wayside for a few years. Seathan and Hannah came home with me and spent the week. We had a blast.

Sweet baby katrina in her leopard flower swim suit! she was sooo cute!

Oh my gosh i had soooo much fun with my grandchildren. Seathan is 7 and Hannah is 3. He is his dad and she is her mother! This is the only picture I took of Hannah that shows her face!

This is our pet turtle and Seathan found him this week. He the turtle was not as afraid of the kids as he was Gary and I. I really believe kids have that talent!!

This is another story. Gary and I were coming back from Naples, Fl and i forgot about liquids. They were going to take these bubble guns I bought for the kids because of the bubbles. He let me go with them but confiscated my Antropologie lotion, soap, suntan lotion, etc. I was so upset but I was wrong! oooooo thats even worse!

This is my Hannah baby! all dressed up in her gear! ....what else! only time she ever put it on.

This is me with Hannah dressed in her princess outfit for the annual talent show. She also had a costume change and sang two songs! I read an article in Midland Lifestyle "Passing the Torch" great and very appropriate article. Parents passing the torch to their children re: worry, et.

This is my beautiful daughter, Hannah's mom, Jessica. She was the moderator at the talent show...not sure what she is doing here!

My cousin Cindy Johnson modeling my jewelry. This red necklace is Renea's favorite and Cindy's also! Cutest girl Cindy! She is married to my cousin John Thomas and has three beautiful children, Brittany 15, John Hayden 12 and Justin 10??? Major fishermen those boys are!
We had so much fun at the reunion and I love having Seathan and Hannah. I miss them terribly tonight! i hope they sleep tight and have fun dreams

2 Responses to "Bone dead dog tired but soooo fulfilled"

  1. Pocket Full of Prettys Says:

    Love all the photos, especially of the kids, & Katrina looks soooo cute! Your cousin is also cute. I know how tired you are & I know too that you already miss those 2 yea who's!!!! Ha! Love ya, Renea

  2. Funky Art Queen Says:

    OH girl what fun. I love the little shots of grandkids. I'm glad you made good use of that article. Congrats on the sale of two of your wine bottle lights. Get to making more sistah.

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