8:55 PM

New updates to my etsy shop. i am going to a family reunion this weekend. gonna leave with my first grandkids, Seathan 7 and Hannah 3. Look out MIMI! Les and Renea i may need help!! seathan loves crafts and I have bought them several things to do - i need a little table for them but they are feminine or masculine - dora or go diego - if you know of a generic childrens table and chairs and where i can buy one please let me know. yea ya yaea lisa

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  1. Funky Art Queen Says:

    Well you need to blog a lot next week to keep us posted on the grandkids visits. I can't wait. It's all blog material girlie! Love ya! Have a blessed time off!

  2. Pocket Full of Prettys Says:

    Okay MiMi, are you about worn out? Hee Hee! They have so much energy! Hope you survive the week! Love ya, Renea

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