i have not blogged in so long. lesley reminded me of that yesterday!
i have some new wine bottles and wanted to show them off. so look at the gallery!

collage i did ... 4x6 love it!

very colorful bottle. renea's moms b-day present....shush,,,don't tell her!

UT bottle. put some bottles in a wine store {wine rack} midland texas wanted me to do UT bottle-what do you think????i
yellow bells

seminole pink - hey renea and les - is this a sign???
pretty yellow and pink hibiscus intertwined!
pink caladiums
backyard....bouganvillia..i dont think that spelling is right but my hubbie told me...so it must be right!
wave petunias
we have had major dirt storms...we cleaned the patio and the pool today ...we have had no rain and lots of fine red sand!

The yard looks beautiful. We are in full summer mode here at the jones house. The garden is producing tons of tomatoes. Some really big ones!!
yall have a great weekend.....i am

2 Responses to "major major update!!!!!!"

  1. Pocket Full of Prettys Says:

    Oh My Gosh!!! I just about fell out of bed when I saw that you had posted!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Love all the photos, the backyard is so pretty! Seminole pink hu? I have worked on my art most of the day...made some really cute blocks & some other things. Love the wine bottle you picked for Mother, she will just love it! Talk to you soon. Hugs***Renea

  2. Funky Art Queen Says:

    Well, I am going to have to go back and review! That was a lot of making up of blogging! That tomato is huge! Your wine bottles are gorgeous and yes, I do think the Seminole pink is a sign.

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