I have finally totally completed a bottle to list on my etsy store. I have a handmade tag for each bottle. This wine bottle is "Honig" and is a cabernet sauvignon from Napa Valley. I would love to have everyone's feedback on the quality of the pictures, the bottles and all before I list it. Please be honest and let me know what you think. I am going to sell this one for $45.00 plus shipping and handling. Thanks so much for your feedback! I also want to thank my great friend Les, Funky Art Queen, for being my first customer and purchasing my Lucky 7 bottle for a door prize at a senior celebration. The theme is Las Vegas style so the bottle is perfect! The lights have an end connector and several bottles grouped together look really pretty. Background may be too dark. What do you think???? I am soooooo anxious to see how these are received! Can't wait to hear from ya'll. Loveandhugs, Lisa

11 Responses to "My First Bottle to go on Etsy"

  1. Donna Sarhal Beck Says:

    Hello, I just happened to come across your blog and am very happy I did. Your wine bottles are beautiful and so is your personality. You sound as if you enjoy life alot and that is wonderful.
    Thank you for showing your pictures and sharing.

  2. Pocket Full of Prettys Says:

    I think the photos look great! I clicked on them & made them larger & they looked beautiful. Love your creativity! Everyone is going to want a decorated wine bottle. Love ya, Renea

  3. Funky Art Queen Says:

    The pics are fabulous. I think this bottle just looks beautiful like a celebration. I love it. Good luck. You rock girlfriend! Can't wait to show your wine bottle off at the celebration tomorrow~!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hello nice page!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I love these bottles !!!!


  6. Sharon Says:

    Hi Lisa, Renea sent me over to take a look at your wine bottles. I love the happy feeling they project and the photos are very good in my opinion. The bottle sort of reminds me of a sparklers or a fire cracker just about to go off. I think you have a real winner with this project.

  7. Sabii Wabii Says:

    These would go great in the Napa Valley where I live! No one here is doing anything like this! Hummm need to put my thinking cap on for you. If you need any info on contacts here in the valley let me know.

  8. Gaby Bee. Says:

    Your wine bottles are fantatic!
    Love them all. Very creative and inspiring!

  9. fuzzywhitedogs Says:

    These are so original and beautiful! I read about them on Renea's blog http://pocketfullofprettys.blogspot.com/

    Love the photos showing the bottles all lit up! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  10. Deborah Says:

    I just told Renea...those wine bottles look like they have just exploded with happiness and celebration! I love them!


  11. Ginger Says:

    Way to go on your first bottle on Etsy! They take on personality and show your creativity, so very clever thank you for showing us your up lifting blog many more from you please keep us a up dated my friend.

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