I have added pictures of my backyard. There is nothing better than sitting on the patio and watching these plants grow. I do nothing and my hubby does it all! Except for picking up after him when he trims the hedges, fertilizes the plants, moves the plants in and out two times a year - in other words, I get the grunt work and he takes the glory! He really has a green thumb and we have some beautiful plants. He purchased some cool new solar lights this year. They are a crackled glass ball and change colors all night! Beautiful. Tomorrow is Friday!!!!! I'm going to San Angelo to see my mom and dad, sister and her boyfriend, brother and his wife and two boys, and Megan and Kevin and my beautiful new baby Katrina! Other kids are staying in Austin because Scott is graduating with his bachelors! He is a team manager at Whole Foods. Took at while but he did it and I am very proud of him! Oh by the way, my friend the Puerto Rican social worker said "she won't tell me anything else". Oh well, I have plenty of material with other friends! You know who you are. Life is fun! Happy Mothers Day to all of you moms. Have a great weekend and enjoy your time. Lisa

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