This last weekend I drove to Austin to visit my kids and grandkids and son-in-laws! Saturday we went to the biannual Pecan Street Festival. Very different for me this year - because I'm making and selling stuff now! This festival is so stuff...and drinks! We had sooooo much fun! Hannah's feet at the festival!Seathan's feet at the festival. but his went to his knees! but he did sit down and play bongos with a will see later...

some of the art that was there! this lady had some beautiful collages. ChristinaFajardo. com. Great big collages! beautiful

Mimi helping grandkids to do sand art with goofy feather tops and eyes! They loved it!
Seathan is very musically talented and we came upon this booth and the guys were playing music with these bongos and Seathan grabbed one off the sale rack, sat down and started playing with them. He was so cute! Not afraid. People were watching from 2 sides of the booth. A memory I will never forget! Love that kid!
My daughters, Jessica and Megan. Jessica's son Seathan eating ice cream, and Hannah won't even look up from hers! Then Megan and precious 7 month old Katrina! She was so good! and every 3 steps someone stopped to talk to her and said how pretty she was!
Before the festival we went to Seathan's tai kwon do (probably misspelled) test. They test frequently to move up. He did sooooo well. Can't tell you what color ...maybe blue? he loves this! So disciplined in this sport!
Hannh took pictures with my camera at the testing center. the stuffed animal is Panda and i bought it for her when she was at my house this summer at the end of July. There is soooo much difference between then and now! he has gone through some carting around and lovin! jessica says she is always with Panda. cannot separate them! i love to buy them things and they end up really loving them!
Katrina in her bed! She has grown so much!

Great great weekend. Great kids and great grandkids! Love em. Lisa

3 Responses to "Kids and Pecan Street Festival 2008"

  1. Funky Art Queen Says:

    Is catrina rubbing her tummy and patting her head already? oh lisa i wanna see more and hear more about your trip. it sounds like you had a blast. your grandchildren and girls are beautiful.

  2. Pocket Full of Prettys Says:

    Love the little dirty feet photos! So cute. Jessica & Megan both look so pretty! And the kids are price-less! Oh and the okra was wonderful! Yummo! love ya, Renea

  3. Blissy Says:

    Oh Lisa your grandkids are adorable! Your daughters are pretty just like you! I'm glad you had a great time!!!

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