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Ok. So my daughter and my best friend(s) told me this first blog was so boring that I needed to have a glass of wine first! I did. I have to tell you so many funny things happen every day! Renea and I work together and we visited one of our Puerto Rican social worker friends. She is a trip to say the very very least. She is going to photograph ghosts in an old locked up uninhabitated building in Big Spring Texas. There is a basement within a basement! Rats, snakes, bats etc. Crazy! Then she tells us that when she is 4 yrs old, (she has very thick hair) that a bat from the sugar cane plantation flew in her hair and got tangled up. Her mother had to cut her hair to the scalp to get the bat out! Crazy! I love my life and my friends. Next story: My husband is a CPA by profession - so what does that tell you? we had a 2nd squirrel get in our house through the chimney. He broke crystal, pooped and shredded part of our off-white love seat and many other things. My husband could not find the squirrel so he put nuts in each room and shut the door to find the squirrel. Ends up the squirrel is in the fireplace. I can't tell you what happened next for fear of being arrested for animal abuse! So he has a life long mission to kill all squirrels entering our fence. He posted this sign along with corncobs as bait. The pellet gun is inside the back door. He thinks it's so funny because I think squirrels can read. Well this picture confirms that! The squirrel defecated on his sign! Told him. Until later.......Lisa....ok all was this one better! if you say no - don't even think about it!

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  1. Pocket Full of Prettys Says:

    Oh yeah much better, & I can definetly tell that you had 2 glasses of wine or more!!! Ha! But where is the photo? I'll help you with it tomorrow! Love ya, Renea

  2. Carmen Says:

    Congrats on the new blog!!!

  3. Krissysart Says:

    Love those wine bottles. Can't wait for your store to open!

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