I've had a very eventful, fun journey on the computer today. My sister took in a young guy who is traveling the world. I thought she was crazy but she said he was very nice and last night called me with his blogspot. I want to share it with you. There are some beautiful pictures and his story is so interesting! I can't imagine doing what he's doing but it is an experience of a lifetime! Go see! http://www.inspiredwanders.blogspot.com

3 Responses to "Adventurers from France"

  1. Pocket Full of Prettys Says:

    I have had several people tell me they were going to leave you a message but don't see them yet. How was the weekend, except for the fall! Hope the bruises are gone by tomorrow! Love ya, Renea

  2. LW Says:

    Came by way of POCKET FULL OF Prettys...

    Love your wine bottle art work..


  3. Carmen Says:

    How cool is that!!! Renae sent me over here and I'm so glad she did!!! Have a great weekend!



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